Group "Ion beam physics"

apl. Prof. Elke Wendler
Image: Werner Wesch

The Ion beam physics group is engaged with modification of solids and synthesis of buried nano structures using ion beams and subsequent treatments. Special focus is directed to III-V semiconductors and wide-band-gap oxidic materials, which are interesting because of their high transparancy to visible light and their potential application in electronic and optical devices. Specifically, we study the effect of nuclear and electronic energy deposition of the implanted ions in the mostly crystalline materials. Another important part of our work is ion beam analysis such as Rutherford backscattering spectrometry (RBS) and Nuclear reaction analysis (NRA). These techniques are applied for studying the structure and chemical composition of ion implanted and other thin layers.

Book edition

IBM Buch IBM Buch Image: Elke Wendler

Part 1 Physical basics of ion-solid interaction

The first chapter provides a complete treatment of the theory of ion stopping in materials. Two further chapters give an overview about existing models for the description of damage formation due to electronic and nuclear interaction, respectively. The last chapter of this part is devoted to the physical basics of ion-beam induced synthesis of nano structures.

Part 2 Damage formation and amorphisation by nuclear energy deposition of the ions

This part deals with damage formation, amorphisation and (re)crystallisation of semiconductors and ceramics, i.e. of ionic-covalent materials, due to nuclear energy deposition of the implanted ions.

Part 3 Damage formation and amorphisation by high electronic energy deposition of the ions

Structural modifications and phase transformations due to electronic energy deposition of the implanted ions in ceramics, metals and semicinductors are summarised in this part.

Part 4 Selected applications of ion ion irradiation

The final part presents selected applications of ion beams. Here the focus is on shaping and modification of nano particles and nano structures and the use of ion-beam induced effects for modification of optical materials.